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3CP is HERE !!!

After disappearing from the pharmacy shelves in 2004, the age old trusted product that thousands grew up with is back as 3CP. Utilizing the identical formulation, 3CP brings back the ever popular antiseptic and disinfectant that has stood the test of time for the past 60 years.



Different packaging, same ingredients
tcp box   3cp box

Why use 3CP

Quite simply...because it Works.
It is so versatile and can be used as an oral gargle for sore throats and ulcers, on the skin for cuts, abrasions and grazes, an oral mouthwash, pimples and acne skin, insect bites and stings. In fact it has over 21 different uses.

It Stinks and the Taste is Disgusting.

There are many consumers who agree with this statement and we have often hear "I'd rather die than take that stuff".
It is for this reason that 3CP has made the Oral Gargle in Mint, that tastes absolutely delicious.

So What is the Difference?

The ingredients are exactly the same, except we have added some flavouring and sweetner. It works exactly the same, but the taste is brilliant so much so, that even kids enjoy it.

Is that a Promise?

Yes...that's a Promise

Suitable for...

  • ORAL HYGIENE and SORE THROATS - Dilute 1 part 3CP to 4 parts water
  • The ORAL GARGLE - Use undiluted
  • SKIN CARE, CUTS, STINGS and GRAZES - Dilute 1 part 3CP to 3 parts water
  • GENERAL DISINFECTANT - Use undiluted


Chlorinated Phenols, Phenol, Iodinated Phenols, Sodium Salicylate, glycerol, phosphoric acid, Quinoline Yellow

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TCP is now 3CP. The original formula in TCP is the original formula of 3CP;

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